Homebodii founder, Ingrid Bonnor is a woman who has always understood that elegance is a force that always speaks for itself. It is the gateway through which feminity and sensuality are born.

It is with this innate understanding that Ingrid founded Homebodii in 2011, with the collection now spanning intimate, sleepwear, and occasional dresses. Homebodii as a brand recognises and celebrates that it’s those quiet moments when we feel beautiful just for ourselves that truly lift us and allow us to take that confidence back out in to the world.

Ingrid’s Homebodii brand has become a leader in bridal loungewear known for its exclusive prints and feminine aesthetic and endorsed by powerhouses such as Cosmo Bride and Style Me Pretty. Homebodii is now stocked in various Australian and international boutiques as well as leading retailers Anthropologie, Revolve Clothing, White Runway and The Iconic, of which the brand often sits on the best seller list.

Homebodii is about finding moments… Moments of beauty and sensuality. Moments to nurture and to love. A moment to celebrate you – with Homebodii.