Milanja was born from the dream of twin sisters Christina and Vanessa.They were immersed into the world of fashion from a young age, thanks to their mother’s involvement in one of Sydney’s fashion houses of the 1980s.

Both of them studied a BA in fashion design and marketing whilst working for Australian fashion power houses.

The inspiration for the Milanja brand arose when the twins became aware of the discrepancy between the garments that were being produced and the type of garment that they aspired to wear.

Christina and Vanessas dream’t of producing clothes that utilised the highest quality of fabrics, and an aesthetic in each collection that exudes contemporary elegance and femininity.

Each glamorous piece is comfortable to wear whilst accentuating the women’s natural beauty. The Milanja style is sensual while remaining sophisticated and classy. Milanja offers daywear to couture evening wear garments.