Sui Generis

Sui Generis Style is run by two Australian sisters, Siobhan and Fionnuala (Nuala) Denniss. Frustrated with the restrictions on sizing and custom fits in fashion, the duo created an interactive website that enabled customers to create and customise dresses around the labels collections.

Following the success of Siobhan and Fionnuala’s boutique garment manufacturing business, the sisters launched their label in 2015. Having worked with designers across the world, they were well prepared for the work required of a fashion house to achieve success.

Each season both sisters collaborate on the release of fabrics and designs, while Siobhan also oversees the operational side of the business and Fionnuala, who was trained at a school of couture in Montreal, oversees the garment production.

With their slogan ‘designed by you for you’, the option to have custom measurements for each order is just one of the many features of the fashion house, where dresses are shipped direct to your door. By removing the mass production of garments Siobhan and Fionnuala have reduced wastage, and by creating each design in their fashion house have been able to offer high quality garments that are ethically made at an affordable price.